10 Reasons to plan an Active Vacation in Europe Now

The Old Continent has been a popular adventure travel destination because of the great variety of landscapes, the chances it offers for authentic cultural immersion, and the ample opportunities for activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and sampling local food & drink. Here are some more reasons to start planning an active vacation in Europe:


1. If you think that adventure tours are only for the super fit, do not worry! They are usually graded in terms of terrain, distance, and time spent walking or biking each day, so you can easily choose the trip that best suits your level of fitness. Nonetheless, your active vacation in Europe will be more enjoyable if you are in shape.

Active Vacation in Europe

Family biking along the Danube


2. Adventure travel is a great way to move beyond well-known (and well-trodden) European cities and discover off-the-beaten-path destinations. If you have been to Rome; then why not venture on a walking, food & wine tasting tour of Tuscany and the Cinque Terre! Done Vienna? Then hike your way north through the Bohemian countryside to end in Prague, or bike east along the mighty Danube river to Budapest!


3. People sometimes worry that traveling with strangers would be awkward, but an active vacation in Europe is actually a perfect opportunity to meet and spend time with like-minded people with similar interests. As many can testify, the shared experience of traveling together creates a unique bond and helps make friends for life.

Active Vacation in Europe

Hiking in Transylvania


4. Concerned that spending so much time exploring the outdoors will keep you from experiencing the local culture? The best adventure tours are all about ‘slow travel’ and are designed to connect you with the people and region you are visiting and to include experiences which educate about local history and culture, such as wine tasting, cheese making or cooking lessons, and traditional crafts demonstrations.


5. Some European destinations are changing fast and may not be the same much longer. Travel to Croatia is booming, so if you want to pedal, sea kayak, or hike along the Dalmatian coast, better do so now before it gets completely overrun by package tourists and cruise ship passengers. With the population of the Maramures region in Northern Romania dwindling, its unique cultural traditions and pastoral way of life may soon be gone forever.

6. An active vacation in Europe is a great way to meet interesting locals – from truffle hunters to fishermen and from shepherds to farmers, walking or biking through the countryside is guaranteed to offer many opportunities for cultural interaction and for gaining a better perspective of the destination.


Meeting with a local vintner in Slovenia


7. Many of us can trace our roots back to Europe and travel to these destinations is a great way to explore the cultural heritage of our ancestors.


8. In our busy day-to-day lives, getting the family together is often a challenge. Active travel is a great way to spend quality time as a family without the usual distractions of daily life. What better way to reconnect with each other than while rafting down a river, cycling through a lavender field, or hiking through the lush forest of a national park?


9. Because of the wide range of activities it can include, an active vacation in Europe would suit family members of different ages. While the children are out hiking or wild berry picking, the grandparents could be trying their hand at traditional cooking or icon painting.


Having a local guide helps communicating with the locals


10. Adventure tours as a rule include English-speaking local guides and / or tour leaders and the wealth of information and insider tips they can offer is priceless. As useful as guidebooks or destination apps are, nothing beats having by your side a knowledgeable, helpful, and experienced guide to make sure your trip goes as planned and to answer all your questions.


If you want to escape your usual routine, see how another part of the world lives, and experience different landscapes and cultures, consider an active vacation in Europe!


Not sure what destination or tour operator to choose? Let’s chat and I can help you select the trip that best suits your  travel dates, preferences, and interests!


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