5 Undiscovered European Adventure Destinations

As we are constantly on the lookout for unique experiences in uncrowded parts of the world, here are some less-visited European adventure destinations with a great variety of both natural and cultural resources to consider for your next holiday.

European Adventure Destinations - Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park in Latvia


This small country with a 350-miles-long coastline on the Baltic Sea has several popular seaside resorts, but not far away, the Kemeri National Park is a nature lover’s heaven. Its territory is occupied by dense forests, bogs, lakes, and mineral springs crisscrossed by wooden walkways built above the marshes. If you are craving history and culture, Riga – Latvia’s capital, is just an hour’s drive away. It has a beautifully preserved and very walkable historic Old Town and Art Nouveau district.


European Adventure Destinations - Hiking in Romania

Hiking in Transylvania


For many, Romania is a terra incognita only associated with the popular Dracula myth, but the ones who venture beyond this stereotype will be pleasantly surprised. You can hike in the Carpathian Mountains and visit medieval castles and historic Transylvanian towns (including the one where Vlad Tepes aka Count Dracula was born), but why not venture further north to the rural and least-visited areas of Maramures and Bucovina and explore the UNESCO-protected wooden churches and painted monasteries, and experience traditional village life.

European Adventure Destinations - Kayaking in Slovenia

Kayaking in Slovenia


This small gem of a country, part of the former Yugoslavia, stretches from Italy to Croatia and from the Alps to the Mediterranean, and is one of my favorite European adventure destinations. The Triglav National park and the area around the picture-perfect Lake Bled are perfect for cycling, hiking, and water sports like kayaking or river rafting. Slovenia’s Karst region has thousands of caves, many of which can be explored on foot or on bike along with a local guide.

European Adventure Destinations-Rila Mountains

Biking in the Rila Mountain


Europeans have long known Bulgaria for its popular (and mass-market) skiing and Black Sea resorts, but the country’s mountains, which are protected as national parks and easily accessible from the capital Sofia, offer ample opportunities for climbing, biking, and hiking amidst small traditional villages, medieval fortresses, and historic monasteries, not to mention the great local food and wine.

European Adventure Destinations - Estonia

Pirita River in Estonia


Another Baltic country, smaller than New Hampshire and Vermont combined, Estonia can be easily reached on a ferry from Finland. Half of the country is covered by forests abundant with hiking trails, lakes, rivers, and marshes, and the coast boasts impressive limestone cliffs, secluded beaches, and more than 1,500 islands. As an added bonus, you get to experience the famous ‘white nights’ in the summer.


Which one of these European adventure destinations would you choose for your next vacation? Let us know, and we will help you get there!