7 Reasons to Travel to Greece Now

Despite the ongoing migrant crisis, travel to Greece is up and visitor numbers actually increased in 2015 and are expected to rise even further this year thanks in part to the fears over terrorism in other Mediterranean destinations like Turkey and Egypt. It is true that the tide of refugees has threatened to overwhelm some popular islands in the eastern Aegean (and closest to Turkey), such as Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Leros, Kos, and Rhodes, but the rest of the country including Athens and must-see destinations like Santorini, Crete, and Corfu, have remained unaffected.

Travel to Greece and maybe visit Zakynthos Island

Zakynthos Island

Need more reasons to start planning a trip to Greece? Here are a few:

  1. More and cheaper flights. US carriers have decided to add new routes to Greece this year. United’s new seasonal service will offer daily non-stop flights starting May 25 through October 5 out of Newark and Washington, D.C. (Dulles) to Athens. American Airlines will also commence a seasonal connection between Athens and Philadelphia as of May 6.


  1. This is a great time to travel to Greece. Because of the financial crisis (and the stronger greenback), you can expect lower hotel rates, less local traffic (due to the higher gas prices), and even warmer Greek hospitality. Not to mention the perennial reasons to travel to Greece – delicious fresh food, breathtaking scenery, azure water, authentic culture, and ancient historic monuments.


Mykonos Harbor, Greece

Mykonos Harbor

  1. It is a foodies’ paradise. Mediterranean cuisine is at its best here with fresh local ingredients available everywhere – from olive oil, to feta cheese, to the freshest seafood. When you travel to Greece, you will soon discover that every region has its unique specialty dishes and wines which will keep you curious and wanting for more.


Travel to Greece and enjoy some scenic walks

Walking in Greece

  1. There is something for everyone. Greece offers a seemingly endless diversity of landscapes – from myriad beautiful islands and award-winning beaches, to dizzying mountains, deep gorges, green valleys, and wildflower meadows providing an abundance of active adventures.


  1. Xenia. (Not to be confused with Xena – the Warrior Princess…) This is the uniquely Greek concept of hospitality, generosity, and courtesy shown to those who are far from home. It is in the Greeks’ very genes and they take pride in receiving guests and offering them the best of what they have – their best food, their best wine, and their friendship.


Retsina Wine, Greece

Retsina Wine

  1. Relaxation and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Similar to other Mediterranean peoples, the Greeks have a more relaxed mentality and easy-going lifestyle. They have learnt to enjoy and appreciate the moment – whether it is a game of chess or backgammon in the village square, a cup of coffee or a glass of ouzo in the shade of an old tree, or the beauty of the sunset. They take pleasure in the simple things in life – from baking bread to enjoying a meal with family and friends, to sailing out in a fishing boat before sunset.


Travel to Greece and visit the monasteries at Meteora

Meteora Monastery

  1. Millennia-old history and culture. Everywhere you go, whether it is the capital Athens or the remotest island, you will stumble upon relics from Greece’s illustrious past – from the imposing Acropolis to Santorini’s whitewashed houses, Meteora’s monasteries perched on top of rock towers, the ancient temple ruins, and old mountain villages where centuries-old traditions are still part of everyday life.


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